Pizza Garlic Bread  (S) 5.00  (L) 8.00

Pizza Herb Bread  (S) 5.00  (L) 8.00

Cheesy Pizza Garlic Bread  (S) 9.00  (L) 14.00

Plain Crusty Italian Bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinger (2 Pieces)    6.00

Traditional Garlic or Herb Bread (2 Pieces)    5.00

Bruschetta (2 Pieces)    8.00


Italian Salad    10.90

Greek Salad     12.90

Baby Spinach Salad    12.90

Caesar Salad    12.90

Caesar Salad with BBQ Chicken    16.90

Caesar Salad with BBQ Prawns    19.90


Spaghetti Bolognese prime beef mince cooked in   14.90   17.90

traditional Bolognese sauce

Penne Arabiatta Napolitana sauce with a hint of chilli   14.90   17.90

Penne Amatriciana Napolitana sauce with bacon and onion    14.90   17.90

Gnocchi Pesto Basil Pesto with a cream sauce    15.90   18.90

Fettuccine Carbonara Bacon and egg yolk in cream sauce   14.90   17.90

Tortellini Boscaiola Bacon and mushrooms in cream sauce   15.90   18.90

Spaghetti Puttanesca Capers, black olives,   15.90   18.90

anchovies in a Napolitana Sauce

Spaghetti Con Polpette Home made meatballs   16.90   19.90

served in a Napolitana Sauce

Fettuccine Avocado Prawns, avocado in a pink sauce   18.90   22.90

Fettuccine Al Gamberi Tiger Prawns in a light Napolitana   18.90   22.90

sauce with garlic & Chilli. Topped with Baby Spinach

Spaghetti Marinara Tiger prawns, calamari &   18.90   22.90

black mussels in a Napolitana sauce

Ravioli di Ricotta 16.90   19.90

ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta served in a pink sauce

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Pasta tubes filled with   16.90

spinanch & ricotta served in a pink sauce topped with baby mozzarella

Lasagna Homemade traditional Italian style beef lasagna    16.90

Risotto di Mare Prawns 23.90
black mussels and calamari in white wine and Napolitana Sauce

Chicken Risotto Zucchini 21.90

mushrooms and chicken in a white wine and Napolitana sauce

Risotto Al Fungi  21.90

mushroom, fetta cheese and olives in a light cream sauce

Pasta & Risotto

Pollo Cacciatore

Pan fried chicken breast fillet with olives,

onion, capsicum in Napolitana sauce    23.90

Pollo Avocado

Pan fried chicken breast fillet with fresh avocado

in brandy and cream sauce    23.90

Pollo Pesto

Pan fried chicken breast with prawns

in a brandy and pesto cream sauce    25.90

Scaloppine Funghi

Pan fried escalopes of veal with mushroom

in a white wine & cream sauce    25.90

Scaloppine Parmigiana Pan fried escalopes of veal topped with

roasted eggplant & melted mozzarella cheese in a Napolitana sauce    25.90

Scaloppine Di Mare Pan fried escalope of veal with Prawns,

calamari, mussels in white wine and tomato concasse    27.90


(All served with potatoes and steamed vegetables)

Scaloppine & Pollo

Garlic Prawns

Pan fried prawns in garlic, white wine cream sauce    26.90

Mussels Provencale

Black mussels in, garlic, white wine and tomato concasse    25.90

Homemade Prawn Cutlets

Crumbed and deep fried, served with a side salad    26.90

Homemade Calamari Fritti

Crumbed and deep fried, served with a side salad    25.90

BBQ Octopus Marinated in garlic herbs

and extra virgin olive oil, served with a side salad    26.90

Fish of the Day

Refer to daily specials board    $ Mkt Price

Seafood Platter

BBQ Octopus, Calamari, Black Mussels,

Prawns and Fish Fillets all hot off the grill.

Served with chips & salad    74.90

(Serves 2)

Peter Pan’s Steak

Grass fed Sirloin cooked to your liking with a red wine

and mushroom sauce served with creamy mash & vegetables    27.90

Seafood & Steak

Chips    8.90

Mashed Potato    6.90

Vegetables    5.90


Margarita Tomato and mozzarella cheese  12.90   16.90   19.90

Hawaiian Ham and pineapple  12.90   16.90   20.90

Australiana Ham and egg  12.90   17.90   21.90

Napolitana Olives and anchovies  12.90   17.90   21.90

Mexicana Hot pepperoni, capsicum, onion, chillies  12.90   17.90   21.90

Capriciosa Ham, mushrooms, olives  12.90   17.90   21.90


Mushrooms, capsicum, onion, olives  13.90   19.90   22.90

4 Seasons Ham, mushrooms, capsicum, prawns  13.90   19.90   22.90

Spicy Beef Ground beef, onion, capsicum, chillies  13.90   19.90   22.90

Romano Hot pepperoni, sliced tomato, onion, olives  13.90   19.90   22.90

Marinara Prawns, Calamari, Octopus, and garlic  14.90   20.90   23.90

Calabrese Salami Traditional Calabrese style salami  13.90   19.90   22.90

Supreme The Lot  13.90   19.90   22.90

BBQ Meat Lovers

Salami, Ham, Cabanossi, topped with BBQ Sauce  13.90   19.90   22.90

Traditional Pizza

BBQ Chicken

Roasted chicken, mushrooms, onion and BBQ sauce  15.80   20.80   24.90

Prawn & Avocado

Prawn, sliced avocado, garlic  15.80   20.80   24.90

Coppa & Baby Spinanch

Baby spinanch, coppa, parmesan cheese

& drizzelled with olive oil  15.80   20.80   24.90


Salami, artichoke, olives, jalopeno  15.80   20.80   24.90

Tandoori Chicken Pizza

Tender chicken breast marinated in

homemade tandoori paste,onion, served with yoghurt  15.80   20.80   24.90

Pizza Diavolo

Prawn, Pepperoni, Jalapeno  15.80   20.80   24.90


(Changes may incur an additional charge)

Gluten Free Bases Available (Medium Only)  4.00

Extra Toppings From…  1.00

Gourmet Pizza

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